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LOOK ME Car Rear Seat Passenger View Mirror ( 1 Pair )

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  • Collision With Open Car Door: Who is Responsible?

  • Who is most likely to be held responsible for a car colliding with an opened driver's door .However, the onus also sits on the driver or passenger in the car to make sure that the area around their car is clear before they open any doors, whether it be to get out of the car or put shopping, or a child inside. Section 239 of the Highway Code states that you should ensure that you do not hit anyone when you open your car door and that you should check carefully for cyclists or other road users/pedestrians before you do so.

    Here we introduce the New Car Rear Seat View Mirror for your passenger at rear seat for view 270 Degree of outside car before getting off the car.


    • Made by pure silicone material to improve product safety. Observe the conditions of children at any time.
    • Effectively reduce the traffic accidents.270 degree wide-angle lens design.
    • Applies to all cars, indispensable for every car. Paste on the back(Leave No Trace).
    • No installation, magnet adsorption, multi-angle adjustment.
    • Take a look before getting off the car, to avoid traffic accidents.


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